Love Capsule 愛情扭蛋機

Chocodate會由5月7號星期一開始會比大家一個全新嘅活動體驗! 我哋將會喺中環蘭桂坊放置愛情扭蛋機,係中環或者香港返工嘅朋友不妨過嚟扭下,咁就有機會認識到新朋友! 愛情扭蛋機其實係一部放入咗簡單個人資訊嘅扭蛋機。 好多人對認識新事物,新朋友都覺得好怕羞唔想做主動 咁呢個就係你嘅機會! 如有興趣放自己簡單資料入扭蛋機嘅話,就用網頁最下面個制免費登記啦!

愛情扭蛋機將會在D26 內放置 (中環蘭桂坊德己立街26號地舖)

(扭蛋機需要兩個$10 硬幣. 如需找換可以在D26內 或上 中環蘭桂坊德和大廈12樓 1204 Chocodate office 找換)


Starting on May 7th , Chocodate Matchmaker will introduce a whole new dating experience into LKF central. We will be putting very basic info and contact of different singles into what we called a love capsule and let people draw it from our capsule machine. If you are working in Central or Hong Kong area, please come swing by and try your luck. If you click the register button below, we will set you up with a free capsule to be put in our capsule machine.

Our love capsule machine will be placed at Bar D26 (Central, D’Aguilar St, 26)

Please bring along two 10 dollar coins for the love capsule machine OR exchange at D26 OR come to Chocodate’s LKF office at Tak Woo House 12th floor- room 1204.

Good Luck Everyone!!